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When guys say “hook me up with your model friends”


Bro, please. I can’t even hook myself up with them.

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Ok for my birthday today I am doing a promo!!

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Happy Birthday to me!

Kinky stoners? I invented that.

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"A rich guy, a white guy and a black guy sit down at a table together. There’s a plate of 12 cookies, the rich guy grabs 11 of them and says to the white guy “watch out, that black guy’s trying to steal your cookie”."

The link between class & race and how racial resentment has been used to divide the middle and working class in the U.S  (via housewifeswag)

This is how plantation owners in the South divided blacks and white after the Civil War. As long as they hated each other, they would never come after the real enemy. Never was a white guy yet who minded racial animosity. Don’t believe me? Listen to the things that come from Donald Trump and the minions of the Koch Brothers about lazy welfare recipients. #SeeTheRealEnemy #TrickleDownIsJustPiss

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